Can I still buy an Xtend? What's changed? Why are there Green ones and Red ones now?

There appears to be some confusion, so we will clear things up here.

Nuvision has had a license to build the Xtend feature into their product since 2013. They manufacture the retracting swing as well as the entire auger near Carsland, AB. They use some parts manufactured by Rodono, but they have their own Engineering staff and are free to make changes and improvements on their own. Rodono does support them whenever requested and are pleased to have helped with their very promising new 14" design. We have had good feedback from customers on this auger whenever we ask at the tradeshows. We have been happy with this agreement as have Nuvision.

Fast Forward to 2016. AGI purchased Nuvision in 2016. Mid Year AGI/Westfield/Wheatheart approached Rodono and wanted to expand the Nuvision license to include Westfield and Wheatheart as authorized manufacturers of the Xtend Technology and associated Patents. The agreement was completed later in 2016 and there are Westfield and Wheatheart 13 inch Xtend products available now through the normal Wheatheart and Westfield Dealers, as complete packages just like Nuvision, except on the normal Westfield and Wheatheart augers.

So what if I want an Xtend 16 on a Wheatheart or Westfield 16? This is still available through your Westfield or Wheatheart dealer and will remain so until a Wheatheart/Westfield version of the Xtend 16 is in production.

What if I want to put it on a new Brandt or Farm King or a Meridian? Many Brandt dealers will buy the Brandt 13XL or 13HP or 16HP less swing and order the Xtend from us. They will sell you the package complete. The same is true for many Farm King dealers. There are also a few Meridian Dealers that will as well. Please see the Dealer list on this website or call your local dealer.

What if I have an auger already and I just want to upgrade it with a retracting swing because I am now running trailers?
Rodono can still sell anything for any type of auger (Except Nuvision because of their drive) direct to the farmer. So you as a customer have many options as how to get one. And we always welcome feedback about the product from our licensees. It is in everyones best interest that the product continues to satisfy the customers needs.

Thank You
Darren Grose

Posted 2017/06/09 17:21:14 Xtend-Auger


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