New Year, New Decade, New Development

It has been quite a while since the last post and many things have happened.

The Xtend Swing Auger has certainly grown beyond our expectations. Our goal has always been to provide the best solutions to farmers for the handling of grain. Demand surpassed our ability to produce, market and distribute the Xtend. So we licensed to other manufacturers to help meet the demand.

These are in chronological order.
First (As previously Mentioned) was Nu-Vision who builds to fit their own unique auger design. They build a 13 and a 14 with Xtend options.
Second was Westfield Wheatheart . The two brands being marketed differently with the swing being the same. They sell a 13 and a 16 both with Xtend options.
Next was Brandt who sells a 13 HP and a 16 with Xtend Options.
Finally is Farm King who sells a 13 and a 16 with Xtend options.

The major benefit of having these manufacturers licensed is that the prodct is now available to many more people and in many locations it was not available before. The other benefit is that they are supported by the manufacturer. With well over 1000 xtends in the field it is helpful to have more support.

Rodono still builds the white ones to fit many different augers, we do not sell to dealers to fit new augers (except Meridian) anymore as they are now supported by the manufacturer. We can sell direct or through a dealer to fit augers that the farmer already has and would like to upgrade.

Rodono has upgraded its facility to produce more augers and more parts. We are available to support the other manufacturers as well.

We do supply some models in quantity to manufacturers until they are prepared to build certain models themselves. If an Xtend has a Rodono serial number plate on it, we built it and we cover the warranty and support for it.

We have also been making progress on the ACX which is an xtend for Seed Carts. It is available for select models of air seeder carts.

The Xtend is also gaining popularity as an economical handling solution for stationary applications.

We would like to thank all our customers in the first 10 years of the Xtend product. It is a product built to solve a problem, without farmers the problem would not exist, and without farmers there would be no Xtend, we strive to make sure all our customers are satisfied with the product.

All the best in 2020

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