Busy Year

It has been a very busy year. Harvest is progressing rapidly in many areas. Xtend swing auger sales are up alot this year again. Our forecast for Xtend 16" Swing augers was very low compared to actual sales. We will reach a stock situation September 28th.

Changes for 2017:
On the 16" we introduced a shear bolt replaceable spline tube. This is to protect the driveline in the swing in case of failure in the main auger. It was tested last year but not on enough crops. So the initial Shear bolt size which was 1/4" Grade 5 works only for Swings mounted on Farm King augers. Factory units were switched to 5/16" Grade 5 early this season. If you have trouble with the shear bolts on a 16 they can be increased up to 5/16" Gr 8.

As you may have noticed the Xtend product is now available from the factory from several manufacturers.

Nuvision manufactures the Grainmaxx auger which is available in a 13" Retracting version and a 14" Retracting version.
They have been licensed and building their retracting swing version since 2013. These are built in Carseland,AB and servicd by Nuvision Dealers.

AGI acquired Nuvision in 2016 and expanded the existing license to allow production of the retracting swing onto Wheatheart and Westfield product lines. This started in 2017 with their 13 inch MKXtend and Wheatheart Xtend products. These augers and retracting swings are built in Rosenort,MB and serviced by Wheatheart and Westfield Dealers.

The demand for the Xtend Retracting Swing Auger is quickly outpacing our ability to produce so we do welcome and support these licensees, there will be more licensees announced in the near future. We will continue to build and improve the Xtend product, especially for the less common augers like the 16's and also stationary versions as well as to fit all the other types of augers. So we do welcome feedback on all brands and versions of the Xtend products.

We wish you the best Harvest possible.

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