Xtend Installations


Brandt Post 2012

Brandt < 2012
Xtend 14 on 2017-13HP in transport
 Brandt Prior to 2012

Xtend 14 on 2012-13HP in transport
 Brandt 16

Xtend 16 on 2017-16HP

Spacer from Rodono; bolt, washer, and U-joint are from Brandt
Farm King 13

Farm King 13- Transport Winch

Xtend on Farm King 13
 Farm King 16

Xtend 16 on Farm King 1684

Older than 2016- Hold Down System. Spacer and plate by Rodono

Hold Down 2016- Plate by Rodono

Winch Arm Bracket
Meridian 14

Rodono Bracket Swivel Arm Back on Meridian 14

On 105 and 115; the cable prevents the winch arm from swivelling (factory as well as Xtend)

Washers may be required
Wheatheart 13

Xtend 13 on Wheatheart 13

Winch Arm Bracket


Xtend 14 Bagger Transport

Xtand 14 on Loftness GBL12