Fits most Grain Augers 

Super B to Bin Transfer

The Xtend retracting swing was designed to quickly and safely unload Super-B's. It can be mounted on most existing swing augers allowing you to use your brand of choice. The capacity matches that of the host auger and the quality of materials and construction matches or exceeds that of the host auger. 9' of stroke allows the operator to reach both hoppers on the trailer without moving the truck.

Xtend 13- Fits all conventional mechanical drive swing augers, such as Farm King, Westfield MKX and older, such as the
MKPlus, Wheatheart X and SA models, Meridian and Sakundiak 12" Models, and Brandt XL grain augers.

Xtend 14- Fits "supercharged" 13" Grain augers. These swing augers have larger flighting in the boot, usually have large boots and a built in 1000 to 540 gear reducer. These augers have a capacity of almost 200 bushels per minute. They use more horsepower than a standard 13" Swing. An Xtend 14 is used to feed these augers which include the Brandt HP. The Xtend 14 can also be used on the Wheatheart X 13" models.

Xtend 16- The Xtend 16 retracting swing auger was completely redesigned in 2015 to provide the untimate in convenience and reliability. Capacity exceeding 300 bushels/minute all the way up to 370 bushels/minute can be achieved with two 9" hopper feedscrews as well as a 7" centerscrew. 9 feet of travel with 2 feet of working travel ensure you will always be able to unload your Super-B quickly. Any issues that arose in the original design in the first 5 years of the product have been redesigned to provide millions  of bushels of trouble free service. The Xtend 16 is available for the Farm King 16 Grain Auger, the Wheatheart X 16" Augers, the Westfiled MKX 16" and the Brandt 16" grain augers.

Dealers can buy all these brands less swing and provide the Xtend Swing Auger option for maximum productivity at the bins during harvest.

Grain Baggers

The Xtend retracting swing is well suited to some baggers. The full 9' of stroke with a large hopper and mechanical drive, as well as power swing with control at the hopper means you can unload hopper bottom trailers into the bagger with a lot less hassle than before. Currently fits the Richeger bagger with the Westfield trailer mod, the Loftness GBL12 and the Loftness and Brandt GBL10 with the trailer unloading option.

Loftness GBL 12 with Xtend Bolt On